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EV Charger Installation for use at Home

A home EV car charger installation makes owning and running an electric vehicle much simpler without ever having to worry about finding a suitable charging point.

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Why Invest in an Electric Car Charger for Home? 

If you own an all-electric car or a PHEV (plug-in hybrid), then the chances are that you will want to charge it up at a place that is conveniently close by. For most people, this will mean at their home. Here at Hydra Installs, we have fully qualified electrical engineers who can fit the right sort of electric car charger equipment for domestic use. Our NICEIC-accredited electrical staff will fit a suitable system for any sort of electric vehicle. Benefit from overnight charging or topping up with power between trips and enjoy lower running costs compared to fossil-fuel-powered motoring.

Note, too, that properties with electric vehicle charging points are increasingly in demand. Therefore, any expenditure on having an electric car charger for your home should be seen in the context of adding value to it. That’s a good thing to know whether you are a residential landlord or an owner-occupier.

Dynamic Load

Our equipment offers dynamic loading for one or multiple electrical vehicles.

Easy-to-use App

Get the best out of your home’s EV car charger installation with a simple smartphone app.

Key Points

An electric car charger for home use offers convenience plus a host of other benefits.

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Any electric car charger for home use must look good, which is certainly the case with our installations.


Benefit from competitive pricing and lower running costs compared to most fossil-fuel-powered miles you currently drive.

What Is Involved in a Home EV Car Charger Installation?

Our procedure is very straightforward when it comes to electric car chargers for homes. Firstly, we’ll ask you to complete a three-step questionnaire so we can establish the basic facts. We’ll even work out whether you could be entitled to a grant for your charger and fill out the necessary forms for you, thereby taking the hassle out of applying for funding.

Once you have confirmed you would like to proceed with your home EV car charger installation, we will ask for a modest deposit of 10%. Typically, we’d expect your installation to be completed within 7 to 10 days from that point.


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Installations Carried Out To Date

I live in rented accommodation so thought I wouldn't be able to have a home EV car charger installation but, after speaking to my landlord and Hydra Installs, now I do and I couldn't be happier.

Mrs J Greene, EssexNorth London Resident

Electric Car Chargers for Homes of All Kinds

At Hydra Installs, we have experience dealing with all sorts of residential properties. As a firm that has been fitting electric car chargers for homeowners for years, we have handled older properties, newer developments and everything in between. What’s more, it doesn’t matter how large or small your home might be, we will find a solution that is suitable for you. Only a very small proportion of residences are unsuited to an electric charger point.

In addition, it is worth noting that we have the know-how to install an electric car charger for homes that are rented. Indeed, if you live in an apartment rather than a house or maisonette, we can still help with an electric car charger installation in the vast majority of cases. There are now thousands of electric car chargers in homes of all kinds in the UK. Don’t hesitate to contact us even if you think there may be a problem that needs to be overcome before an installation can proceed because we have the experience where it counts.

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Obtain a Grant Through Hydra Installs and Enjoy Electric Vehicle Charging From Your Home

To qualify for grant funding through the UK government’s OZEV scheme, you will have to meet certain criteria. For example, your home will need to have off-street parking for any grant to be awarded. However, if you are eligible within the rules of the scheme, we will be able to secure up to £350 of funding for your charger installation, reducing the cost to you considerably.

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Hydra Installs Guarantee

We will provide you with a confirmed sign-off on your installation by an electrical engineer who was not involved in fitting your home’s electric car charger.

We offer high-quality after-care and provide a 12-month guarantee on all our residential installations.

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