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Electric Vs Petrol Cars

In a changing world, more and more people are comparing electric vs petrol cars and considering making the change. If you are new to the concept of all-electrics and hybrid cars having only ever owned petrol or diesel-powered models before then read on or contact us for more information.

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What Are the Benefits of Electric Vs Petrol Car Ownership? 

If you are considering fossil fuel vs electric cars and why opting for the latter might be for you, then it is worth looking at all the benefits of electrically powered cars. To begin with, there are more and more electric vehicles on the market nowadays than ever before, so there is a good deal of choice. Anything from family runarounds to prestige cars and even vans can be bought as hybrids or all-electrics nowadays.

In addition, when you think about electric vs petrol car ownership from an environmental perspective, there is no doubt that refraining from fossil fuels is highly beneficial. Not only do electrical vehicles run on power that is – at least, in part – generated from renewable sources but they emit nothing and produce no localised air pollution, something that many petrol and diesel-powered cars do in abundance, of course. They also make much less noise.

Even the issue of charging your electric car up is much easier to overcome than many people think. Installing your own EV charger point at your place of work or home is significantly cheaper than continuing to buy petrol or diesel from filling stations. Most electric car owners save considerable sums on powering their vehicles once they make the switch from fossil fuels.

Dynamic Load

Benefit from dynamic loading so all your cars are charged in the most optimised way possible.

Easy-to-use App

Use an app on your smartphone to get the best performance from your EV and charging point.

Key Points

At Hydra Installs, our charging technology is suited to both residential and commercial installations offering a range of advantages.

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Good-looking charging equipment that won’t look out of place wherever it might be installed.


Competitively priced installation work will mean avoiding future hikes in petrol costs.

All-Electric and Hybrid Models Vs Petrol Cars

Please note that our installations are suited to both all-electric and plug-in hybrid (PHEV) models. Note that if you have a PHEV and upgrade to an all-electric one or vice versa, then your EV car charger point will still operate.


Residential car charges made daily


Houses across the UK with charging points

I weighed up electric vs petrol car charging for years before deciding to have a charging point installed at my home and now I'd never go back to fossil fuels.

Andrew ParkerHome EV Charger Owner

Home Car Charging Points That Don’t Cost the Earth

It is very important to note that the costs involved with an electric vehicle home car charging point installation do not have to be met in full by the owner. This is because there are government grants available to owners of domestic properties that could wipe as much as £350 off the cost of the equipment. So long as you have off-street parking and a car that meets the OZEV scheme criteria, we can proceed with making a grant application on your behalf.

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Residential Electric Vehicle Charger Points

Here at Hydra Installs, we install EV charger points in all sorts of residences. So, if you think that the debate on electric vs petrol car ownership doesn’t apply to you because you rent your property or you live in flats, for example, then it is probably time to think again. Of course, residential EV charger installations are not suited to every single type of property. The fact is, however, that most addresses can benefit from a high-quality charger installation fitted by our NICEIC-accredited electrical experts. To get the ball rolling, we will ask you to complete a simple questionnaire that gives us the basic information we need to provide an estimation. If there’s any doubt, then we will arrange to come to your home to conduct a site survey for you.

Commercial Electric Vehicle Charger Points

Whether you are considering an electric vs a petrol car fleet might be the future for your business or you would simply like a couple of EV charger points in your car park for your customers and visitors to be able to use, we can help. Our professional electrical installers at Hydra Installs have a great deal of experience with all sorts of commercial premises installations and will be able to advise you of the best sort of charging technology for your business needs. Please note that up to £15,000 in grants can be obtained for commercial EV charger point installations, something we can apply for on your behalf.

Hydra Installs Guarantee

We guarantee to have your electric vehicle charging point receive its safety sign-off following an inspection by an engineer who was not involved in the installation.

We cover all of our installation work for 12 months and our after-care team can be reached if you have any operational questions you’d like to put to us following your initial demonstration.

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