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Intelligent Hive Mind

The Hydra CUBUS

  • 7kW/ 22kW Charging Output
  • Type 2 Socket Only/ Tethered
  • OCPP 1.6 Certified
  • Integrated O-PEN Technology
  • Encompassed Dynamic Load Balancing
  • Encompassed Off Grid Solar Harvesting
  • Wifi/ Ethernet/ 4G Option

Socket Or Tethered

The CUBUS comes in both socket only or tethered options give you the freedom to choose how you connect your vehicle either at home or at work.

a tethered hydra cubus
tethered Hydra Cubus Cables Single Front Right on pedestal

Freedom to install

Using our British manufactured steel podiums you can single or dual mount the CUBUS to cover multiple charging bays with minimal foot print.

Why The CUBUS?

We have taken the time and invested heavily into the engineering of the Hydra CUBUS. We wanted to create a product the market could fall in love with, designed with two main factors in mind.

  • Ease of installation for our trusted Engineers
  • Ease of operation for our loyal customer base

We understand that not every demographic is technology literate so we have put together a user-friendly way of setting up and operating your charge point from both domestic and commercial perspectives.

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Key Features

7kW/ 22KW
Charge at 7kW Single Phase or 22kW Three Phase
Restrict access with CUBUS RFID Tags
Internal DLB
Balance multiple chargers against the buildings supply
Encompassed O-PEN Technology

A thousand combinations

The CUBUS benefits from both wall or post mounted, this means that you can combine the CUBUS into a larger network of chargers to work as a Hive.

Two Hydra Cubus on a pedestal

98.6% Uptime

The CUBUS has been engineered to cover multiple use cases to offer you a multi-role versatile product meeting any need. Manufactured within a market-leading facility using advancements in technology and the highest quality materials.

hydra cubus schematic drawing

Apartment Blocks

Charging At Home





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Hydra cloud displayed on a phone showing a hydra cubus ready to charge

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CUBUS Datasheet

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