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Genesis Series

The Genesis Lite & Pro from Hydra EVC stands out as dual output AC EV Chargers crafted with precision from cast Aluminium alloy. Designed for efficiency and durability, these chargers offer seamless charging experiences for electric vehicle owners. The Lite series provides a streamlined solution with essential features, catering to everyday charging needs, while the Pro series elevates the experiences using advanced contactless payment facilities and enhanced performance. Both series embody Hydra EVC's commitment to quality, reliability and innovation in the realm of electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

Premium by design

  • OCPP 1.6 Compliant
  • OZEV Approved
  • 4G/ WI-FI/ Ethernet
  • Branded and Customised Face Available
  • Single Phase/ Three Phase
  • Commercial Private & Public
  • Plug & Charge/ Mobile App/ Contactless
  • Dual AC Sockets
  • Dynamic Load Balancing Available
  • Over-the-air Firmware/ Software updates
  • MID Approved Energy Metering
  • AC 30mA Type A & DC 6mA protection
  • Cast Aluminium Alloy
NEXUS Cloud Pro 

The Genesis Series is full OCPP 1.6, this means that it can be used in tandem with NEXUS Cloud Pro by Hydra or another other OCPP 1.6 back office management platform.

Contactless Payment

With built in contactless payment capabilities, The Genesis series can be fitted with a payment terminal for unattended payment facilities. Lite version’s are readily available with scan & pay capabilities.

Real Time Analytics 

Monitor and manage your Genesis units in real time. Access rich data such as generated revenue, total energy used, charging behaviour and uptime. All available at your finger tips when you need it most.

Network Management

Designed for network wide use, The Genesis series can be monitored and managed across a wider network in any location around the world.

Built For Durability

Unlike conventional plastic products the Genesis series has been manufactured using industrial grade aluminium alloy.

This approach has been taken to design and build a high end low cost product capable of prolonged life and low maintenance.

Dynamic Load Balancing

Explore our independent commercial dynamic load balancing solution

Click Here 

Hydra commercial EV charging dynamic power load balancer, featuring a sleek, modern, minimalistic design. Designed for real time digital energy efficiency management for residential and commercial properties.

Explore Hydra PENSIO

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The Hydra Pensio right facing with payment methods on screen

NEXUS Cloud Pro

Explore our market leading charge point management software NEXUS Cloud Pro.

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NEXUS Cloud, our innovative OCPP charge point management software, revolutionizing the administration of electric vehicle charging infrastructure. Designed for efficiency and scalability, NEXUS Cloud empowers operators to remotely monitor, manage and optimise their charging networks with ease. With its intuitive interface and robust features, it enables seamless integration, real-time insights, and enhanced control over EV charging operations, driving forward the transition the sustainable mobility solutions.