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Powerful management that's simple to use

You're In Control

With tiered access across the whole organisation you can authorise and delegate different levels of access.

Monitor & Monetise

Whether you are just monitoring your network or monetising you have the control to manage your network as a whole or individually.
Hydra nexus displayed on a laptop screen


Comprehensive easy to read reporting

Tiered Access

Monitor and control who has access across your network.

Fault Reporting

Real-time fault reporting keeping you up to date.

Ways To Pay

App or card-based payment options

Load Balancing

Balance and distribute power without blowing a fuse.

Built To Scale

Scale your charge point anywhere in the world

Real-Time Updates

Updates are activate in real time keeping you online

Multi Tariff

You can configure NEXUS Cloud to mirror multi tariff from your energy supplier

Hydra cloud displayed on a phone showing a hydra cubus charging

Scheduled Charging

Schedule charging sessions at a time that suits your schedule and budget

Access Anywhere

Charging at home or at work, you can access NEXUS from anywhere with any device.

NEXUS Cloud Portal